Access to the Electric Grid

ELECTRICA SA, through its electric power distribution companies SDEE EDMN, SDEE EDTS and SDEE EDTN – ensures a non-discriminating access to the electric grid of public interest for all economic agents producing and/or supplying the electric power, as well as for all electric power consumers, provided that these parties are complying with the norms and performance standards established in the technical regulations applicable.

The process of connection to public interest electric networks is carried out according to the provisions of the Electricity and Natural Gas Law no. 123/2012  as subsequently amended and supplemented and of  ANRE Order no. 59/2013, as subsequently amended and supplemented.


To achieve the connection to the public  power grid, a future user must  follow the following phases:

  • preliminary phase of documentation and information of the future user;
  • connection application or update application related to the Technical Connection Approval or connection certificate and relevant documentation submission by the future user;
  • determination of the connection solution;
  • Technical Connection Approval issuance by network operator, deemed as connection offer;
  • Connection Agreement (design + execution) signed by the network operator and the user;
  • Execution Contract signing by the network operator and a contractor, as well as the execution of the connection to the electric grid,  commissioning of the connection;
  • power-up of the user system;
  • Connection Certificate issuance/update.


Additional Information

The tariffs for issuing the technical connection approvals are specified in the Catalogue of tariffs for issuance of site approvals and technical connection approvals, approved by ANRE Order no. 114/06.11.2014, these tariffs being charged by the distribution operators.

Specific tariffs and specific indexes used in establishing the public interest electric network connection tariffs for users have been approved by ANRE Order no. 141/03.12.2014


List of economic agents designing, executing and testing the electric systems is available on

Certified Electricians

Certified Companies

Additional information concerning the issuance of technical connection approvals and the process of network connection – standard forms (connection application, energetic questionnaire), required documents, document submission locations, etc.) are available here


The distribution operators, acting as facilitators of the European electric power market, must comply with the following strategies, as specified in Directive 72EC/2009:

1.1. European Energy Strategies:

Baseline studies for the activity of distribution operators:

1.2. National Strategies:

1.3. Other strategies where the involvement of Electrica was requested: