Environmental Impact

The subsidiaries of “Electrica” Group, due to the special nature of their activities, do not hold major pollution sources as, under common operating conditions, the EDG (Electricity Distribution Grid) installations do not release pollutants. There are some aspects related to the adverse impact over the environment when potentially are released polluting substances/emissions by accident, under abnormal operating conditions or during the EDG maintenance or development works. 

Environmental aspects which might have a significant impact over the environment were identified and goals and measures to prevent and/or limit such impact were established at the level of each subsidiary.


Measures taken by  subsidiaries to reduce the impact of installations over the environment:

  • Use of environmental-friendly equipment/removal of PCB capacitors (dielectrically insulated with polychlorinated biphenyl) stored and still assembled within the installations, according to the legal provisions;
  • Reduction of electricity losses, greenhouse gas emissions by modernizing the installations and promoting the smart networks;
  • Prevention of soil pollution by ensuring a high-quality maintenance;
  • Operative intervention to prevent and/or limit the impact over the environment in case of accident, failure or disasters;
  • Protection of the biodiversity – ecosystems and natural habitats, by taking all the required organizational and technical measures;
  • Improvement of the waste management and ensuring a selective collection of them;
  • Informing and ongoing training of the employees to develop a corporate culture concerning the environmental protection;
  • Monitoring the environmental factors on several sites within the  subsidiaries in order to avoid occurrence of accidental pollution impacting the environment;
  • Receive and transmission of proper answers to the relevant requests of the parties concerned by environmental protection.