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Distribuție Energie Electrică România


Operating Costs

As per the provisions of Art. 48(2) letter (c) of the Electricity and Natural Gas Law no. 123/2012 as subsequently amended and supplemented  and according to ANRE Decision no. 618/18.03.2015, the concessionaire distribution operators must publish all costs related to the operation, maintenance and development of networks.


Distribuție Energie Electrică Româniamodels section for publishing the costs of operation, maintenance and development of electricity networks structured on the 3 areas of electricity distribution.


Performance Indicators 

Based on the Order of ANRE nr. 11/2016, with subsequent amendments, the Performance Standard for electric power distribution service was approved, governing the service quality and establishing the performance indicators required to ensure this service, in relation to:

  • continuity of electric power supply to customers;
  • technical quality of supplied electric power;
  • commercial quality of electric power distribution service.

The Standard provisions are not applicable, if appropriate, in case of:

  • Force Majeure;
  • Abnormal operation of the electric distribution network established by producers, other operators or consumers.

Below, please view the STANDARD PERFORMANCE INDICATORS for the Distribution company of Electrica Group:

Distribuție Energie Electrică Româniasection Performance indicators structured on the 3 electricity distribution areas.


Distribution Tariffs  

The regulated tariffs for the distribution service provided by the distribution operator are established according to the Methodology of establishing the tariffs for electric power distribution service, approved by ANRE Order no. 169/18.09.2018.

Each year, by 31 December, the distribution tariffs established for the following year are approved by an order issued by ANRE President and are published in the Official Gazette of Romania, Part I.

The distribution tariffs are approved by ANRE for each distribution operator.

Applicable distribution tariffs: https://www.distributie-energie.ro/distributie/tarife/