Electrica SA is currently implementing the Project SINGULAR (Smart and Sustainable Insular Electricity Grids Under Large-Scale Renewable Integration) included in call FP7-ENERGY-2012-1-2STAGE, ENERGY.2012.7.1.1: Integration of variable distributed resources in electricity distribution networks.

In this Integrated Project (IP) there are 16 partners participating, the members of the consortium being: 6 universities, 3 distribution companies and 4 companies from the area of research, services, equipment supply, one municipality and two state agencies from the area of new technologies.


ELECTRICA S.A. is participating in the Work Packages WP9, WP11 and WP12, being responsible for supplying the technical data related to the structure of the distribution network existing on Insula Mare a Brailei and its operation systems, as well as the consumption data of  AMR Platform at the level of ELECTRICA S.A. at the same time playing a major role, together with the other two distribution companies, EDA Portugal and PPC Greece, in the development, testing and validation of software for optimum operation systems of an insular electricity distribution grid, when connected to a renewable source network (conclusions also required for drawing-up the Distribution Network Code).


By participating in this Project, the following objectives must be achieved:

  • access to the state-of-the-art technology in the area of connecting the sources of electricity production from distribution and renewable sources;
  • use of a smart metering infrastructure for the operation of DSM (demand-side management) programs which will enable live monitoring of electricity consumption and promotion of correction measures by providing adequate economic incentives;
  • development of advanced models to improve the live forecast of the electricity supplied by renewable energy producers connected to the electricity distribution network, as well as to decrease the own technological consumption (CPT) within the electric distribution networks;
  • configuration of a database required to generate a code for the electricity distribution network;
  • improvement of system’s security and reliability, of the quality of electricity supplied by enabling quick reserves and with low costs based on flexible loads, increase of the quality of electricity supplied to the consumers, with focus on live self-monitoring of consumers;
  • option to expand smart grids and possibly to integrate the electric vehicles, as well as active participation of small consumers and generation of a live flexible response;
    promotion of ELECTRICA S.A. and ROMANIA’s image in Europe;
  • development of new skills based on the transfer of know-how in consultancy/ development of projects in this highly topical area.