Distribution company Investments

The main investments included in the annual plans of the electricity distribution  are designed  to increase the operating and energy efficiency. To this purpose, capital expenses shall be incurred:

  • To modernize the substations’ and medium-voltage network’s equipment;
  • To introduce some equipment with own reduced losses;
  • To automate the electricity distribution facilities;
  • To extend the modern metering systems;
  • To extend the electrical grids.

Also, Electrica performs an intensive programe to improve the quality of services provided for its customers. Under this complex development programe, Electrica will implement Smart Metering Data and Asset Management systems, as well as computerized systems for mapping the electrical networks, within each of the electricity distribution branches.

To improve the customer’s supply safety, all the electrical medium and low voltage networks shall be upgraded.

As leader on the energy market, the Company strives to attract as many customers as possible through a programe for the extension of networks, where necessary, ensuring in such way the unlimited access of all customers to the power grid.