The Supply of electricity

Electrica Furnizare S.A., Electrica Furnizare s.a., a branch of the electrica group, is licensed for the development of supplying electricity and supplying natural gas.

The Electrica Furnizare S.A. Company operates in its actual organization form since the month of July, 2011, when the three supply branches belonging to the Electrica Group (Transilvania Nord, Transilvania Sud and Muntenia Nord) have been consolidated, in order to offer their clients a new unitary approach, better adapted to their needs.



From the point of view of its main activity object, Electrica Furnizare has the quality of a competitive supplier and a last resort supplier.
Electrica Furnizare S.A. is the most important national supplier of electricity, with a market share of 19.01% (according to the ANRE report, on the 30.11.2017).
The suppliers of electricity belong to the chain which assures the process from the producer to the final consumer.





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The electricity produced from different sources is delivered by producers through the network of the CN Transelectrica SA transport and system operator. In order to arrive to final clients, this power is transported further on by networks of zonal distribution operators.
Network operators are responsible of the observance of quality parameters and assure the continuity of supply at levels required by performance Standards for the transport and system service, namely the electricity distribution service.

In order to assure the supply of electricity to its portfolio clients, it develops the following activities:

• The acquisition of electricity from the centralized markets;
• The profiling and insurance of client matching in the portfolio;
• Conclusion of contracts with network operators;
• Sale of electricity to final clients.

The acquisition of electricity, based on bilateral contracts, is made for:

a) the regulated market
– centralized, by the ANRE from the PCSU (a market managed by the OPCOM);

b) the competitive market
– by the supplier from the PCCB (a market managed by the OPCOM).

According to the provisions of the Electricity and Natural Gas Law, the electricity should be transparently acquired from the competitive markets (except small producers, who can sell power by direct negotiation).

The profiling of electricity is made by using:
• The day-ahead market (DAM) – managed by the OPCOM;
• The balancing market (BM) – managed by the Transelectrica.
For most of its clients, Electrica Furnizare concludes contracts with network operators. In this way, it has the possibility to permanently enhance services delivered to clients, by cooperating with network operators, in order to maximize the quality of the supplied electricity.


Electrica Furnizare sells electricity in its capacity of:


1. A competitive supplier, for any interested client in the country. On the 31.12.2017, our portfolio included, all over the country, a number of 140,407 demand facilities;
2. A last resort supplier, for domestic/non-domestic clients, in order to assure the universal service, or for non-domestic clients who do not benefit from the universal service, but whose competitive supplier is in a position to have its supplying license withdrawn/suspended in the course of its activity. The territorial area covered in this case is represented by: Transilvania and Northern Muntenia (counties of Satu Mare, Maramureș, Bihor, Sălaj, Bistrița Năsăud, Cluj, Alba, Sibiu, Brașov, Covasna, Harghita, Mureș, Dâmbovița, Prahova, Buzău, Vrancea, Galați and Brăila). On the 31.12.2017, Electrica Furnizare S.A. had a number of 3,361,686 clients corresponding to this typology.

Having a vast experience in the area of electricity supplying, Electrica Furnizare assures for its clients only high-quality services. The main objective of the company is represented by “the improvement of client satisfaction”. In order to achieve this objective, Electrica Furnizare:

– has improved the communication relationship with its clients, by offering them, through the MyElectrica site and mobile applications, the following facilities:

• it transmits the index of counters read by the client;
• it visualizes data concerning the supply contract, electricity invoices and their payments;
• it activates the electronic invoice and the possibility to preserve them safely and access them from anywhere;
• Online payment of invoices; you can add other places of consumption;
• receival of notifications for the issue of invoices of payment recording;
• warning in case of not achieving the payment within contractual terms;
• obtaining information in the area.

– It diversified the modalities of invoice payment;

– It permanently develops software applications to allow the faster preparation and update of contracts of supplying electricity, representing saved time for clients;

– The initiation of concluding online supplying contracts, with the transmission of documents in electronic format;

– The online application for personalized offers.




ELECTRICA FURNIZARE SA has been granted a license to supply natural gas No. 2147, by the Decision of the A.N.R.E No. 1033 of 12.07.2017. Electrica Furnizare offers a large variety of services, both to clients from the Electrica portfolio for electricity, and outside the portfolio.

Starting from 2007, the domestic consumer and, from 2008, any non-domestic consumer of natural gas can express its eligibility right and can choose its natural gas supplier, as it has non-discriminatory access to transport and/or distribution networks. It should be taken into account the fact that once they have opted for a contract on the free market, consumers cannot return to a regulated contract!

With a dedicated team experienced in the area of natural gas, Electrica Furnizare offers advice for the pre-contractual period, as well as solutions and strategies to help the consumers. Clients benefit from a series of natural gas consumption analyses, resulted in its optimization and offer at a fair price, which can be maintained all during the contractual period.

Taking into account the economic context, the cost reduction represents a target for all non-domestic consumers. Therefore, Electrica Furnizare offers contracts with flexible clauses, adapted to the consumption needs and conditions specific to each developed activity.

As concerns the acquisition of natural gas, our partners are important companies which produce natural gas and suppliers who detain the operational and financial resources to successfully fulfil their obligations.

By responsibility, innovation and creativity, Electrica Furnizare proposes and guarantees long-term partnerships, by offering high quality services which bring economic performance and high standards in supplying electricity and natural gas.

By concluding a partnership with ELECTRICA FURNIZARE SA, meaning either electricity, natural gas or opting for an integrated service of supplying the two types of utilities, clients benefit from the quality, rigour and professionalism which characterize us: contractual flexibility, free pre-contractual analysis, free and personalized advice, and a dedicated team.


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