Energy Services

Electrica Serv. is one of the most efficient energy services providers in Romania which is aiming, at the same time, to become a major competitor on the external market.

Its main object of activity consists of executing maintenance and repair works for the electricity transmission and distribution systems (110 kV), other activities of services provision, as well as executing investments in the energy sector.



Starting with 30.11.2020, the two companies of the Group active on the Energy services market, FISE Electrica Serv and Servicii Energetice Muntenia merged, with FISE as the absorbing entity.


S.Filiala de Intretinere si Servicii Energetice Electrica Serv-SA

Adress: Bucuresti, sos. Stefan Cel Mare, nr. 1A, sector 1, cod 011736

Tel. 0213065002; fax: 0213065004



NRC J40/4454/2005; CUI 17329505