Investments and rehabilitation works

Given that we are constantly preoccupied with the development, our offer includes investment and rehabilitation works for the execution, expansion and upgrading of electricity networks and systems.


Upgrading, rehabilitation and new works for:

  • Overhead electric lines (LEA) and underground electric lines (LES) with voltages ranging between 0.4 – 110 kV kV;
  • Transformer stations;
  • 110 kV/medium voltage transformer stations, 220 kV / 110 kV/medium voltage transformer stations and supply sites;
  • Expansions of low and medium voltage electric networks;
  • Monophase and three-phase derivations;
  • Medium voltage and 110kV cells installed in transformer stations;
  • Metering groups;
  • Execution of temporary connections, site organization and works at consumers, covered by the connection charge;
  • Installation of metering and protection blocks in low voltage systems;
  • Key works;
  • Service, guarantee and post-guarantee for energy systems and equipment;