Be part of an ambitious transformation program, apply for a role! Electrica SA is a major player in the energy sector in Romania, listed on LSE and BVB. Our vision is to expand our leading position in the electricity distribution and supply, both nationally and regionally. The complex cross functional transformation program we are undertaking creates outstanding opportunities for ambitious people. To achieve our vision, we look for technical competence, professionalism, creativity, commitment and high ethical standards. Be part of our team, enjoy the challenge and enhance your career in a competitive industry!


-Mandatory BA Degree – University of Law;

-Fluent in English (written and spoken);

-Minimum 5 years experience in a similar position;

-Good knowledge of:

-Company Law 31/1990;

-Capital market Law 297/2004 and ASF regulations;

-Energy Law 123/2012;

-ANRE regulations;

-Insolvency Law;

-Experience working with Trade Register and the Cadaster and Land Registration Office;

-Civil Code;

-Civil Procedural Code;

-Labor Law;

-Other laws and regulations;

-Team worker, efficient, flexible and adaptable, proactive, has the ability to right priorities in order to deliver results on time;



-Provides legal assistance and representation in front of the Courts ( the Arbitration court, the Prosecuting and/or other authorities having jurisdiction upon request of the Company’s departments);

-Manages the proposals regarding promotions / modifications / additions of the normative documents related to the Company’s business activity also cooperating with the other organizational structures within the Company;

-Participates in contract negotiations process and also endorses the documents upon request;

-Verifies and analyzes the stage of the ongoing litigations;

-Involved in the Collective Labor Agreement negotiations by providing the specific documentation as well as legal assistance in addressing the legitimate issues related to implementation procedure;

-Performs the necessary steps in order to obtain enforceable titles, drafts the request for enforcement and supervise their execution;

-Works together with the Legal Departments of the Company’s Subsidiaries;

-Drafting the standard structure of the general terms and conditions for all contracts within Electrica SA;

-Identifies and reviews the errors and the inaccuracies within the contracts, compared to the standard structure of the general terms and conditions accepted by Electrica SA;

-Assists the departments within Electrica SA in managing the documentation and offering legal advice to the Procurement Department.


-Law or Economic university degree;

-Minimum 3 years experience in a similar position;

-Proficiency in English (experience as translator it is a plus);

-Very good knowledge in preparing the Board of Directors and General Meetings of Shareholders meetings and writing the minutes of meetings;

-Very good capacity of using long distance communication applications;

-Very good knowledge of Microsoft Office;

-Efficiency in managing administrative tasks associated with the functioning of the General Secretariat and Board of Directors;

-High receptivity and flexibility competences;

-Team spirit;

-Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality.



-Prepares and participates at the Board Meetings and the General Meeting of Shareholders;

-Responsible for writing minutes of meetings;

-In charge with drawing up the recurrent report of the General Manager to the Board of Directors;

-Participate in preparing the annual report of the Directors and also to the annual report of ELECTRICA S.A.;

-Updates the Corporate Governance Code of ELECTRICA S.A. in accordance with the legislative changes and the Board decisions;

-Submitting proposals regarding the review of the Certificate of Incorporation of ELECTRICA S.A. and the Subsidiaries and also for Corporate Governance Code;

-Resolves efficiently and in time the administrative tasks associated with the functioning of the General Secretariat and the Board of Directors.

Mandatory BA Degree – University with technical profile (Electrical Power Engineering, Electro technical, Industrial Energy) or Economic;
Fluent in English (written and spoken);
Minimum 5 years experience in a similar position;
Experience in the electrical energy market, in the Regulatory field or regarding application of the ANRE governing rules;
Good knowledge of Microsoft Office
Fluency in English (written and spoken);
Strong knowledge of the following:
– Electricity and Gas Law no. 123/2012, with the subsequent amendments;
– Directive no. 2009/72/EC of the European Parliament and of the 13 July 2009 Council regarding the common notes for the internal market in electricity and repealing Directive no. 2003/54/EC;
– The setting methodology for electricity distribution tariffs, approved by the ANRE President’s Order, no.72/2013, with subsequent amendments and supplements;
– The performance standard for the distribution of electricity, approved by the ANRE Order no.11/2016;
– The ANRE Order no. 64/2014 regarding the Regulation for the electricity supply to end users;
– The ANRE President’s orders, no8/2014, no.73/2014, regarding the general conditions on associated licenses;
– Other laws and specific regulations;
– A high level of receptiveness and flexibility;
– Good communication and organization.


– Identifies and analyzes the main problems related to primary and secondary legislation and also regarding energy field regulations related to energy distribution and supply;
– Analyzes and centralizes the observations/proposals from ELSA and/or its subsidiaries, concerning the specific documents submitted to public consultation;
– Analyzes the promulgates regulations and together with the specialized departments, participates in order to identify and to apply the necessary implementing measures;
– Identifies the associated risks regarding the changes brought by the new energy market regulations;
– Analyzes the proposals and the substantiation of the related electricity distribution tariffs of the ELSA’s Subsidiaries;
– Contributes to the development regarding the analysis of the Subsidiaries activity report and also to the proposals regarding the measures to be taken for the revenues and cost achievement, in conjunction with the approved tarrifes;
– Contributes to the development of the analysis report regarding  compliance with the ELSA’s subsidiaries performance standard;
– Participation in the preparation of the annual activity report  concerning the license for the ELSA’s electrical energy supply.