Which is the reading frequency for electricity meters to customers?

If the user notifies the distribution operator (DO), directly or through the supplier, that the measuring equipment (counter) is suspect of erroneous recordings, DO performs a verification at the place of functioning, with the agreement and in presence of the

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What are the modalities to transmit the self-read index?

The transmission of the self-read index can be made by the following modalities:

– On phone, at the number 0800800048 (free call)
– online, by MyElectrica
– the presentation at a customer service counter

in order to be taken over

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How can be most easily obtain information concerning the present-day balance account?

Information concerning the present-day balance account, without the interaction with a Call Center operator, can be obtained at the phone number 0244406006, taste 4. Authentication is made according to the ATM code included on the electricity invoice.

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What is the procedure concerning the compensation for domestic clients as regards their damaged household receivers as a result of an accidental overvoltage produced due to the fault of the network operator, in case when the network contract where the consumption place is connected to is concluded by the supplier with the network operator?

Within 10 working days at the most from the date of the accidental overvoltage occurrence, the domestic client should transmit to the supplier a written request for compensation. In case when, out of objective reasons, the request is transmitted later

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