Electrica stands by the persons affected by the tragic event occurred in the Colectiv Club

We stand by those impaired by the tragic event occurred in the Colectiv Club and wish to offer our support by all the means available to us.
It is our desire for all of us, both employees of Electrica Group and our partners, to get involved in helping the victims, their families and medical staff fighting to save the injured.  Based on a voluntary contribution of each of us, we are seeking to further support those in need because, in this situation, the victims’ fight to stay alive is a long-term one. To this end, together with the Romanian Red Cross, we have opened a dedicated bank account. All the raised funds will be used to cover the needs of hospitals caring for the victims of the Colectiv Club tragedy. The account available for donations is:




At the same time, we are taking part in the endeavor to ensure the blood demand and derived products required by the victims during the entire period of medical care. To this end, we are proposing our employees to participate in this action, insofar as possible.