What is the procedure concerning the compensation for domestic clients as regards their damaged household receivers as a result of an accidental overvoltage produced due to the fault of the network operator, in case when the network contract where the consumption place is connected to is concluded by the supplier with the network operator?

Within 10 working days at the most from the date of the accidental overvoltage occurrence, the domestic client should transmit to the supplier a written request for compensation. In case when, out of objective reasons, the request is transmitted later (at the date of knowledge of the occurrence of the accidental overvoltage), this should be transmitted together with documents justifying the expiry of the initial deadline.

After receiving the request, within 3 working days at the most, the supplier should analyze if the place of consumption where the event took place is supplied with electricity according to a contract of supplying electricity and if it was submitted in time. In case when all these conditions are fulfilled, the request shall be transmitted to the network operator (NO), who has the obligation to schedule within 10 working days, together with the client, the date of verification at the consumption place. The NO analyzes on the spot the reported incident and prepares a clean record of findings.
Within 3 working days from the verification, the NO notifies the supplier as concerns the compensation/non-compensation, and the supplier shall transmit to the client the notification received from the NO in the following 3 working days.

Within 60 working days from the receipt of the notification, if the client is entitled to receive a compensation, he/she should present supporting documents, in order to calculate the compensation (this term can be prolongated by 30 days at the most, if the client proves with supporting documents the good reason of exceeding the deadline):

  • documents of acquisition of the damaged household receiver (invoice/ ticket/ fiscal bill etc.), or a self-declaration regarding the acquisition data of the household receiver,
  • documents concerning the consideration of repairing the damaged household receiver (invoice/ ticket/ fiscal bill etc.), or in case when the repair is not possible, the written confirmation of the specialized economic operator that the repair cannot be made.

Within maximum 3 working days from the receipt, documents received from the client are transmitted to the NO, who is obliged that within 5 working days to establish the amount of compensation, and to transmit the official record of compensation to the supplier, according to which the compensation shall be paid.