What are the necessary documents to conclude a contract of supplying electricity for a final domestic client?

The Application to conclude a contract, including contact data, the affidavit stipulating that in the respective place only domestic activities are developed, as well as the option concerning the applied tariff (in case of a regulated contract), namely the chosen offer-type (in case of choosing an offer-type);

  • The identity document of the applicant (it is presented in original, and submitted in copy);
  • The deed attesting the right to use the place which constitutes the object of the respective consumption place (the document is presented in original and a copy is submitted). In case when the final client does not have such a document, or the respective document is not definitive, but he/she declares at his/her own risk he/she legally uses the real estate representing the place of consumption, as long as the place of consumption is not claimed by another person, the supplier can conclude a contract for supplying electricity on a limited duration of time, one year at the most, with a possibility of prolongation. In this case, at the supplier’s request, the applicant should constitute a guarantee. The applicant should constitute a guarantee as well if he/she is a temporary client (for a duration of less than 6 months);
  • The written agreement of the rightful owner of the place, in case when the applicant is a tenant/concession-holder or another similar quality attesting the right to temporarily use the consumption place, if this mention is not included in the deed of the place.