What are the necessary documents to conclude a contract of supplying electricity in case of a final non-domestic client?

The application to conclude the contract, including the applicant name, its headquarters, phone, fax, e-mail address, name of legal representatives, as well as the option concerning the chosen offer, in case when the client choses an offer-type;

  • The registration certificate issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry – the National Trade Register Office, the Fiscal Code, the credit bank of credit transfer, the name of the bank which processes payments. In case when the applicant does not have these documents, he/she has to present his/her identification documents, according to legislation in force. Documents are presented in original and submitted in copy;
  • The deed or another document attesting the right to use the place which constitutes the object of the respective place of consumption (the document is presented in original and submitted in copy). In case when the final client does not have such a document, or the respective document is not definitive, the supplier is entitled to request the guarantee of the supply service and to conclude a contract of supplying electricity on a limited duration, of one year at the most, with a possibility of prolongation;
  • The written agreement of the legal owner of the place, if the applicant has the quality of a tenant/concession-holder, or another similar quality attesting the right to temporarily use the consumption place, if this mention is not included in the deed of the respective place;
  • The Connection Certificate or the Connection Technical Evaluation Report – if the DO did not issue the Connection Certificate – it is taken over from the network contract;
  • The supporting documents to benefit by the universal service, if the client requests such a service type.