Which is the reading frequency for electricity meters to customers?

If the user notifies the distribution operator (DO), directly or through the supplier, that the measuring equipment (counter) is suspect of erroneous recordings, DO performs a verification at the place of functioning, with the agreement and in presence of the user and the supplier, and conclusions are presented in an official record signed by both parties.

The demounted measuring equipment is verified in an authorized metrological laboratory, which establishes the recording error. The cost of verification procedures, of demounting and remounting the measuring group are borne by the DO, including the case when the notification proves to be unfounded. In case of a new unfounded complaint of the user, made during the following 12 months from the unfounded complaint with costs borne by the DO, the cost is paid by the user, through the supplier.

The recalculation of the electricity consumption during the period when the counter was blocked or incorrectly recorded the electricity consumption is made according to ANRE Order No. 121/2015.