Electrica Events 2015

Details on the most important events organized by Electrica in 2015 are available in this section


Events Date
Round Table – “Dispatcher-management activity, currently”  22-24 April, 2015 Sinaia
Work Meeting: ,,Activity of analyzing incidents and achieving the indicators specified in the Efficiency Standard for electricity distribution service” 6-8 May 2015, Sinaia
Meeting of PRE- Balance-Responsible Party, 12-15 May,  Dunavat de Jos, Tulcea  October 2015, Tulcea
International Conference “Modern Power Systems” May 2015 Cluj-Napoca
Symposium “Smart Grids – Grids of the Future”, organized by CNR-CME  21 May 2015, Bucuresti, Sala Radu Zane Electrica
Symposium “Integration of renewable energy sources in the electric power system” organized by CNR-CME 28 May 2015, Bucuresti, Sala Radu Zane Electrica
Table ,,Connection of wind power plants and photovoltaic power plants to the Power Distribution Grids (RED). Connection solutions, adjustment of protections, operational tests June 2015, Sinaia
Work Meeting: Recent aspects of PRAM_IP activity June 2015 Sinaia
Round Table for communication and public relations: Management of crisis situations June 2015
Round Table,, Impact of digital protection use in the power distribution grids” September 2015 Brașov
Round Table „ Preventive maintenance by applying classical and modern methods in the analysis and diagnosis of electric power equipment” September 2015, Sibiu
National Symposium „Electric Power Quality”, 11th Edition 15-16 October 2015 Târgoviște
Round Table: Maintenance of modern switchgear of 110 and 20kV (within the National Symposium “Optimizing the Energy Services”) October 2015 Buzău
International Symposium– ,,Smart metering” November 2015, Sibiu