Electrica events 2016

Details on the most important events organized by Electrica in 2016 are available in this section


Evenimente Data
Analysis on energy losses during 2015 and measures oriented to prevent electricity theft in 2016 March 2016, Sibiu
Grid dispach analysis May 2016, Sibiu
Balance Responsible Party – BRP Electrica Grand Meeting. The analysis and the development of the strategy in the energy trading activity  May 2016, October
Grid code performance standard analysis, corelated with incidents analysis activity. June 2016, Sinaia
FOREN 2016 12-16 June Costinești, www.cnr-cme/foren 2016
Discussion on the major changes in the energy regulatory framework during the present regulatory period “- September 2016, Sinaia
Common use of poles for overhead electrical network infrastructure and optical fibre telecomunications, CATV and other utilities. Networks approach on common poles in terms of new technologies and requirements September 2016, Târgoviște
Current issues and requirements of PRAM_IP activity. October, Predeal octomber 2016, Predeal

Distribution network intelligent control systems and optimal services in electricity,  SIOSE 2016,


19-21 October, Buzău
SIE 2016 26-28 October, Sinaia

International Symposium „Smart grids”

INVITATION Call for Papers


16-18 November, Sibiu