Electrica – „Energy deal of the year”

Electrica S.A. won the Energy Deal of the Year prize at the Romanian Energy Awards 2015. On behalf of Electrica S.A. the prize was received by Alexandra Borislavschi, Managing Director of Corporate Finance and Governance.


Leaders in energy market celebrated at this year’s edition of Romanian Energy Awards 2015. The Diplomat Bucharest organized the fourth edition of the Romanian Energy Awards 2015, on 12 May, at Crowne Plaza Hotel Bucharest. At this gala the winners were communicated and celebrated together with over 200 top leaders of the energy industry sector in Romania, related industries decision-makers and public authorities responsible for regulation and control. The audience was composed mainly of top managers from active companies in Romania.


Members of the jury:


  • Iulian Iancu, Committee for Industries and Services – Chairperson, Chamber of Deputies
  • Alexandru Valeriu Binig, Partener EY
  • Mihai Albulescu, State Secretary, Ministry of Energy and SMEs
  • Elena Popescu, General Director of the Energy and Environment Direction, Ministry of Energy and SMEs
  • Bogdan Marius Chiritoiu, President of the Romanian Competition Council
  • Zoltan Nagy-Bege, Member of the Regulatory Board, ANRE
  • Silvia Vlasceanu, Executive Director of the Association of Energy Utilities (ACUE)
  • Ciprian Diaconu, Director, Transelectrica
  • Virgil Musatescu, Professor, Doctor Engineer ,Technical University of Bucharest