Electrica events 2017


Events Date
Working meeting: “General Principles for the Implementation of the Performance Standard Monitoring Program (EMD upgrade or new program)” 2st quarter 2017, Brașov

Working meeting: “Establishing the Methodology for Renting Poles”


2st quarter 2017, Sinaia
Working meeting: “General Principles for the DSO Network Building/Upgrading, including SCADA, SAD. Radio System, Optic Fiber in DSO network. Performance Standard May 2017, Oradea
National Symposium “Cybersecurity in the Energy Sector” September 2017, 20-22 Poiana Brasov
PRE General Assemblies (I and II). Analysis and Strategy Establishment  for Electricity Trading

October 2017, Alba Iulia

August 20-22, Mamaia

Modern Power Systems International Symposium June 6-9, Cluj-Napoca
Working meeting: “General Principles for Assets Management. Group Project” June 2017, Tușnad
Working meeting: Implementing the ANRE Standard for the Group with Effect on Recognizing Costs (reactive energy, rate, CPT, etc.) September 2017

Round Table: Power Efficiency Solutions in Distribution Networks


2nd quarter 2017 Brașov
Power Quality National Symposium CEE 2017 October 16-18 2017, Târgoviște

“Smart Metering” International Symposium, Sibiu


                                                           Call for papers



 November 2017, 15-17, Sibiu
 Round Table: Neutral Grounding in Medium Voltage Networks. News. Optimizations. Experience. 4th quarter 2017, Sibiu