Electrica Furnizare, partnership with HOSPICE Casa Speranţei and The Little People

Electrica Furnizare, part of Electrica Group, is the last link in the energy chain and it is in direct contact with people. This closeness forces us to assume a responsible and active role in the communities where our customers, employees, investors and partners live and work. Thus, we intend to maintain a balance between economic performance, environmental protection and social responsibilities.
We considered it normal and natural to get involved, over time, in social solidarity projects to support socially disadvantaged children and the elderly, as well as those with special needs.
Currently, we run two social solidarity partnerships in the areas of Transylvania North and Transylvania South, with the associations The Little People of Hospice Casa Speranţei.
By partnering with The Little People association, started in 2015, through the program “Smile with them! Help children with cancer”, we want to sensitize our customers who come daily in our commercial offices of Transylvania North Branch (Cluj, Dej, Gherla, Turda, Oradea, Beiuş, Baia Mare, Sighetul Marmaţiei, Bistriţa, Năsăud, Beclean, Satu Mare, Negreşti, Zalău and Şimleul Silvaniei) and contribute to the life expectancy for children with cancer. Each office has a box where our customers can donate money to help the children and adolescents with cancer, beneficiaries of daily social assistance programs.



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The partnership between the Electricity Supply Branch Transylvania South Braşov and HOSPICE CASA Speranţei, started in 2011, is currently being conducted, starting on 29 March 2016, by inserting 240,000 flyers into envelopes with invoices.  Information and awareness campaign that we run in partnership with HOSPICE Casa Speranţei considers social accountability of customers in Braşov County, to support services that the foundation offers free of charge to terminally ill patients by redirecting 2% of the tax.
In 2015, ELECTRICA FURNIZARE SA Transilvania SUD, in partnership with HOSPICE Casa Speranţei, brought over RON 1,400,000 through the 2% campaign carried out. The financial result represents 44.30% of the expenditure budget for services provided to Hospice patients in a year and covers the expenses of the organization for a total of 14,000 visits t o the domicile of patients with incurable diseases.
Electrica is a leader in the electricity distribution and supply market in Romania, as well as one of the most important players in the energy services sector. The top position is supported by both the economic results and an experience in the field of almost 120 years.



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