Electrica launches the “Story of Light” image campaign

Electrica launches the “Story of Light” image campaign, one that highlights the untold stories of Romanians. These are unseen, personal stories, about who we are and what makes us truly happy. About how electricity changes everyday life, how it brings joy, and builds experiences and memories.


Electrica has been lighting up the schools, theater halls, libraries, homes or parks of Romanians for 120 years now. We enjoy each and every day what electricity helps us carry through – studies, work and hobbies. In each of such venues, light is the silent witness of some unique stories, which it watches over. Two of these stories will be presented in two emotional TV spots, which will run starting September 15th. The first spot tells the story of childhood, passion, of how little we need to give away in order to make others immensely happy. The second spot talks about everyday life, about family and about the small things that make us happy at the end of the day.


The first Romanian city was electrically illuminated over 120 years ago, and today electricity has become a natural part of our everyday life. Throughout these years, Electrica has witnessed the stories of millions of Romanian homes. The «Story of Light» campaign talks just about that, about emotions, achievements and surprises. Given that modern society has assimilated and integrated innovation so much in daily lifestyles, it is easy to forget what supports progress and opportunities. This is the reason why the new campaign aims to rediscover the role of energy and talks about it as being the real catalyst of everyday life”, said Marius Chican, Head of Marketing, PR & CSR, Electrica.


The stories of light are relevant to and inspirational for all of us, therefore the campaign will be strongly supported in the media by a complex mix of channels, designed to carry the brand message to as many company customers as possible. A wide range of TV stations will be used, ranging from the most powerful mainstream stations to news channels, movie or hobby channels, with a view addressing various types of customers, with different consumption habits.


A strong digital component will be put in place for the dynamic public, connected to online information, for the specialist or the business public, which will be complemented by representation in the strongest national daily newspapers. Local media, social networks and billboards will also be enabled in the campaign.


The entire communication effort will speak publicly about company values, its impact on our everyday life and its contribution as a top Romanian brand to the development of the local economy.


McCann WorldGroup Romania and United Media Services, together with Family Film and director Răzvan Mărculescu contributed to the build-up of the campaign.