The 8th edition of the “Smart metering 2017” International Symposium

The 8th edition of the “Smart metering 2017” International Symposium is taking place between November 15-17, in Sibiu, and reunites representatives from the major companies in the industry, both from Romania and abroad.
Good practices in implementing Smart Measuring Systems, personal data security and protection, monitoring and management of measured data and digital transformation are just a few of the important topics approached by the participants.

Livioara Șujdea, Executive Director of Distribution within Electrica, has presented the global context of the transformations in the energy sector, a summary of the energy policies at European level, as well as the characteristics of the energy market in Romania, with a highlight on the strategic objectives and future development directions: “The transition to smart networks involves covering certain stages, correlated with the economic and social context at national level, and it is absolutely necessary that this is sustained by the adequate legislation. It is important to find correct answers to a few essential questions, among which those concerning the establishment of certain realistic objectives in the development of smart measuring systems, the impact on the investment policy and upon the operational performance of the Network Operators and, mostly, what will be the impact on the electricity consumers. In this context, the Electrica Group has well-defined strategic directions, sustained by a very ambitious investment plan for the modernization of the network infrastructure. This is an essential condition, on one hand for the exploitation of the technological advantages that the automation and smart measuring systems are introducing and on the other hand, to overcome challenges generated by the integration of the decentralized generation sources, of future storage solutions and of the infrastructure for electromobility, components of the complex concept of smart networks.”