Victor Cionga announced Chairman of the Directors Board of Electrica

S.C. Electrica S.A., the market leader in distribution and supply of electricity in Romania, announces the appointment of Victor Cionga as Chairman of the company’s Directors Board.


Victor Cionga was announced, today, 14 October, as Chairman of the Directors Board of S.C. Electrica S.A., with a mandate until January 2016.


The appointment was made at the first meeting of the new directors board, after the privatisation of the company and held in accordance with the association articles.


Victor Cionga (58 years old) has a rich experience in private business, in the capital market field, in listing processes, mergers and acquisitions. Since 1998, Victor Cionga joined Raiffeisen Financial Advisors society of Romania, as General Director, and then as Deputy Director General & Raiffeisen Capital Investment. Victor Cionga has excellent knowledge of corporate governance, serving for some time Bucharest’s Stock Exchange as Managing Director.


“I’m honored by the choosing of my colleagues on the Directors Board. Council members will work with the executive team, which, we all already know, had a very important contribution to the successful listing of Electrica. We believe that it is a new beginning for us, as well as for Electrica Group and we hope to live up to the expectations of shareholders and the general public,” said Victor Cionga, new Chairman of the Directors Board of S.C. Electrica S.A..


“I am convinced that the experience of Mr. Victor Cionga, as well as all members of the Directors Board, represents an asset in the implementation process of measures, to streamline the work of our company,” said Ioan Roșca, general director of S.C. Electrica S.A.


We remind you that, on 22 September, for the first time since the company’s dual-listing on the BUCHAREST STOCK EXCHANGE and the LSE, shareholders have elected the new Electrica Directors Board: Victor Vlad Grigorescu, Victor Cionga, Cristian Buşu, Arielle Malard de Rothschild şi Michael Adriaan Maria Boersma. The term of the Board Office members is four years.


S.C. Electrica S.A. Press Office