Both for building a well-defined brand and an international profile, as well as for implementing the best corporate governance practices at the Group level, it is very important for a company as Electrica, leader in the electricity distribution and supply sector in Romania, to be visible at international level, to be represented in the most important international and national organizations, to keep close cooperation relations with all significant players on the international energy market, and to attend the international events in the field.

The importance of Electrica affiliation to different international and national organizations and associations appears from, amongst others, the following effects: facilitation of the direct contacts, information/experience/expertise exchanges, affirmation and recognition of the position of leader in the electricity distribution and supply sector in Romania, carrying out benchmarks compared to other countries and global aligning related to the future actions of Electrica in the fields of interest, addressing the potential challenges in the field, as well as exploring opportunities for experience exchanges related to the international best  practices.

At the same time, taking into consideration the statute of Electrica of listed company, its affiliation to international bodies, associations and organizations may represent a way to promote and reinforce the Company brand and profile  at international level in order to reach the Company’s target consisting of becoming a regional player.