“Electrica” Group has put in place Integrated Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems at the level of each of the distribution companies by which it effectively manages the environmental aspects related to the electricity distribution and supply activity, as well as to the maintenance and energy-related services activity, to prevent the pollution and to improve the environmental performance.

“Electrica” Group promotes environmentally-friendly advantageous politics as the implementation of smart grids, the reduction of own technological consumption (OTC) and use of modern environmentally-friendly equipment.

The concern of “Electrica” Group for the environmental protection is reflected also in the Declaration on the Integrated Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety Management System Policy.

“Electrica” Group established a number of goals in the environmental protection field, aiming to maintain a high-performance management system and to prevent the pollution so that to have the Power Distribution Grid impacts over the environment compliant with requirements of the international and national regulations.

Such goals are:

  • To improve the environmental performance;
  • To optimize the waste management by a safe and responsible disposal of residual waste, including hazardous waste; 
  • To preserve the natural resources and the commitment to prevent the environment pollution;
  • To develop the environmental policy and objectives communication channels to inform all the stakeholders; 
  • To regularly assess the compliance with the legal and other environmental requirements by audits, reports on environmental protection, etc.;
  • To effectively reduce the economic adverse impact of all activities over the environment, by complying with the regulations in force; 
  • To reach some performance standards related to the environmental protection complying with the international requirements;
  • To implement the operating intervention measures for preventing and/or limiting the effects over the environment in case of incident, failure or disaster;
  • To modernize the installations and to use the environmental-friendly equipment in order to reduce the electricity consumption.

At “Electrica” Group level, based on the activity reports sent by the distribution companies within Electrica Group, the Environment Management Activity Report, which includes summarized information on the action plans and related expenses, the level of compliance with the environmental protection law requirements, as well as the waste management status, is half-yearly prepared.