Internal audit

The internal audit is an independent and objective activity, who provides company an assurance about level held over operations, guide the company to improve its operations and contribute to adding value.

The internal audit helps Electrica S.A. to accomplish its objectives by assessing through a systemic and, disciplined approach, its risk management, internal control and enterprise management and makes proposal to enhance the effectiveness of such processes. The Audit & Compliance Office carries out its activity with objectivity and independence.

The Internal Audit missions are classified as :

  • Assurance (A);
  • Consulting ( C ) .

The Assurance Missions involve objective assessment of evidences by the internal auditor to formulate an independent opinion or conclusion about an entity, an operation, a function, a system or other aspect.

The Consulting Missions have a consulting character and generally are carried out upon the express request of the Audit Committee. The Consulting Missions are carried out by the internal auditor in order to add value and improve the managementof the company, the risk management and the internal control without internal auditor to assume managerial responsibilities.