Winning projects

The grant program “Electrica puts Romania in a different light” – edition 2016


No. Project Name Organization City Area General Description
1. RoboT Engineering Contest (RoboTEC) Students League of the Faculty of Automation and Computers (AC League) Timişoara Education

RoboTEC is a program that focuses on the IT topic in academia. The project addresses students from profile faculties, passionate about programming, robotics and artificial intelligence, and aims at improving awareness and enhancing the skills of participants in terms of creation, programming and testing of autonomous robots.

Furthermore, young people will also take part in trainings on IT topics, facilitated by representatives of companies and academics, for the personal and professional training of the participants.

2. We modernize the past! Association for Rural Development Support – ASDR Cluj Education/Culture The project aims to help the creative and talented young people from rural areas, offering them training in three areas: traditional designs, fashion design, traditional handmade stitching, entrepreneurial training and consulting. Introducing traditional elements in fashion design is very fashionable now, but in many cases this is not done correctly from an ethnographic point of view. For each course, training will be conducted by experienced specialists in the fields concerned. As a practical application of the training there will be a collection of clothes that will combine modern design with traditional models.
3. Heritage people Arche Association National Culture The project “Heritage People” aims to develop an online platform – – to centralize the initiatives to rescue the heritage built, to promote the relevant stories and examples of best practices, through short video interviews, to facilitate public involvement in projects or initiatives of profile organizations (through registration forms) and contribute, in the medium and long term, to increasing the involvement of the population in safeguarding historical monuments and heritage protection.
4. Hydrotherapy brightens lives Mother’s School Junior Association Timişoara Health

The project aims to offer free therapy sessions through water and swimming for 100 new beneficiaries, children with special needs, as well as psychological counseling to their parents, who often represent the most important barrier to the recovery of these children. 350 children need this form of recovery, and currently there are about 200 beneficiaries.

Meanwhile, the project responds to another need, respectively the lack of involvement of disabled children in playing sports. The 6 months of hydrotherapy will end with a swimming competition.

5. KIDIBOT StartEvo Association Bucharest Education The project aims to develop a game (website + mobile iOS and Android application), where children earn points if they prove that they have covered some readings (books, stories, poems etc.). By winning points, they help their team to win challenges in which it participates. The focus is on creating a positive pressure to stimulate reading, both for development and education of children but also for teamwork. It will thus encourage reading among children and adolescents by using new technologies.
6. Big and small electronics engineers – technical education for the future Small Electronics Engineers Club Association Sibiu Education The project “Big and small electronics engineers – technical education for the future” is a STEM type program (Science – Technology – Engineering – Mathematics). The program is based on combining the essential elements: theory – understanding – practice and consists in adapted concepts of general electronics, electrical and physical phenomena that occur in nature, some notions of fine mechanics and material processing, radio communication and techniques for radio localization. Electronic courses, experiments and practical activities will be created for children.